Why Choose BeaconX?

Forged through the combined efforts of Buidly and Disruptive Digital, BeaconX stands as a testament to unparalleled skill and groundbreaking innovation in the world of blockchain.


BeaconX stands as a paragon of reliability, built upon pillars of scalability and unparalleled speed.


As we redefine the paradigms of blockchain subscription services, we invite you to be part of this transformative journey.

About Buidly

Welcome to Buidly, where we envision a decentralized tomorrow powered by Web3 and MultiversX technologies. As a leading blockchain development company, our dedication lies in crafting innovative solutions tailored for the MultiversX network.

Our Passion and Commitment

At Buidly, our passion transcends beyond mere technology. We harness the power of decentralization to address real-world challenges, offering fresh and innovative solutions. We're staunch believers in the transformative potential of the MultiversX network, envisioning a future where businesses and individuals interact seamlessly, empowered by our cutting-edge solutions.
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Smart Contracts & dApps
Empowering Businesses
Revolutionizing Industries with Blockchain Technology
Cost-effective and transparent blockchain solutions
Embracing the Future with Web3 and MultiversX

About Disruptive Digital

"The ultimate goal of innovation should be the creation of a better future." At Disruptive Digital, this isn't just a tagline. It's our guiding principle. As an Official MultiversX (Elrond) Staking-as-a-Service Provider since 2020, we've been at the forefront of blockchain innovation.
Innovation for a Better Future
Secure and reliable infrastructure
Redundant validator nodes
Multiple monitoring solutions
Skilled and dedicated team

Our Passion and Commitment

With redundant validator nodes and non-custodial delegation, we offer a secure and dependable staking experience. Our dedicated team, driven by passion and expertise, constantly seeks optimal solutions, ensuring our clients receive unparalleled support and experience. We prioritize security, ensuring a robust and fail-safe infrastructure for all our services. We firmly believe in individual empowerment. With our products and services, anyone can be their own bank, managing digital assets with ease and security.
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Stay Ahead with Every Blockchain Beat!

Dive deep into real-time insights, track transactions with precision, and lead your projects to success. Don't just participate in the blockchain revolution—lead it.